7 working day production time. 


Font in images:
- (Image 1,2)  Font Leah
- (Image 3-9) Font Lucie 


Sizing in images:
- (Image 1) Marshmallows - M1000ml , Hot Chocolate - S750ml , Cinnamon - 370ml 
- (Image 3) Popcorn - S750ml , Oats - M1000ml , Nuts - 370ml 
- (Image 9) Coffee Pods - L1400ml



Small: H13 x Diameter 9.8cm
Medium: H17.5 x Diameter 9.8cm
Large: H20 x Diameter 9.5cm
XL: H26 x Diameter 9.5cm
Tall: H30 x Diameter 9.5cm


Crafted in Glass and Cork

Capacity: XS: 370ml , Small: 750ml Medium: 1000ml and Large: 1400ml
Item will crack if knocked or dropped
Not Dishwasher Safe. 



RYLE Labelled Glass Jars with Cork Lid (5 Sizes)

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